Stephen J. Groak

frequently asked questions

1. What brought you to the U.S.?
A sense of adventure… and an acting bug.

2. What are some of the major differences between NZ and the good ol’ USA culture wise?
Americans have an innate confidence. They dream big, and go for it. New Zealanders conduct the process with a little more reservation.

3. How many years does it realistically take a person to write a novel?
How bad do you want it? Just write every day.

4. What is your storyboard process as an author? Do you write the beginning or the end first?
I’m an alpha-omega kind of writer: I always know the beginning and ending of every story before beginning the writing process. Sometimes, I start from the ending and work backwards, other times, I start from the beginning—always conscious of the final destination.

5. Can you describe your ways of how you get your ideas on paper/ laptop?
As soon as they appear in your consciousness—write them down!

6. What inspired you to be an author?
I love the creative process. With a piece of paper (or a laptop and word-processing software), you can create whole universes. The only limitation is the scope of your imagination.

7. How do you design your book covers?
Leave it to the professionals.

8. What is your advice for future authors?
Write, write, write!

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